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The Unpleasant Reviews on Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram can be a great tool for your business because it has a lot of marketing opportunities like paid ads, IGTV and product posts, to mention. But,to capture the attention of people, it is not enough to just share an image and to collect likes and followers. Rather, you have to allot time for interacting with other people and liking other instagram users’ posts--time that most business owners do not have.

Because of lack of time, common mistake of businesses is to buy instagram followers or engagement. If you are thinking of using instagram bots or purchasing instagram followers, then this article tells you the reasons why should not.

These Bots Are Not Humans

Buying instagram followers at WildFreeDesign.comand have bots automatically follow, comment, like and share the posts of other instagram users sounds like a good deal. These instagram bots make it look like in just few hours or days, you have a lot of followers and comments already.

An instagram bot can automatically comment “Awesome!” on a post with a hashtag and can follow the poster, for example.

The real issue with instagram bots is that they do not exist as humans; they are robots. Although you earn a lot of followers in just a short span of time, these followers though are not truly interested on the services and products that you offer, also, you may forget about engagement.

There are many instagram users who are wise to instagram bots thus they do not follow accounts who leave a one-word comment on their posts. Once users will realize that you are actually using bots, they may give negative reactions about your account and business and worse, they might call other users to join in too.

2. Buying Instagram Followers is a Faux

You are going against Instagram’s Terms of Use if you purchase Instagram followers at

Instagram is monitoring fake accounts and delete them so it is probable that later on you end up losing your paid followers and your account in Instagram will suffer.

Here are other reasons why it is not advisable to buy instagram followers.

Bots do not engage on your content hence, paid instagram bots are actually not increasing engagement.

It ruins the reputation of your brand because other instagram users will see that you have plenty of followers but so little engagements.

There is no easy way to gain a lot of Instagram followers instantly. If you take short cuts, you are putting your account in danger of being banned by Instagram in the future, and your business’ reputation. It is so much better if you will post content that engages people, interact with people, and use catchy hashtags to get the attention of people. You can also click this website for more facts about social media, go to

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